Mercedes Benz B – Class

Mercedes Benz B-Class – What’s New Now

Mercedes Benz today announced its facelift model which is now available in all country.The Class B Foods complements the ingenuity of its conventional style with a series of new similar attributes to the new generation of the C-Class. The facelift showcasing new front and rear bumpers, daytime running lights with projectors, while LED rear lights get items.

While facelifts are usually left in bits of cosmetics, the company has been tweaked a little in this department. The same 2.1-liter diesel has also mandatory under the hood of CLA and GLA starts the engine and produces 135 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The petrol variant includes the gasoline of 1.6 liters engine that makes 121 bhp.


With revised grille with silver lining matt iridium, this newly released version has a particular appearance decent position rather sportier than its predecessor. The headlight panel design remains the same as its predecessor, but it is now with LED headlights with daytime running lights powerful signature offers an attractive dynamics of the façade equipped. The front bumper has been redesigned with fog lamps equipped with a lower metal coating. Come on pages which have a luminous structure with expressive waistline and carefully carved tusks.


A High-end variant is available with alloy wheels in 7-spoke 17-inch, which are covered with 225/45 R 17 tubeless radial size. The parameter ‘Style’ and launched new variant Edition 1 ‘a set of 16-inch are given five double spokes alloy wheels with matte black finish. These tires are covered radially with tires 205/55 R16 tubeless. For super enhanced wheels and rims, you can check the variety of designs from UsaRim.

Engine and performance

It is equipped with both petrol and diesel engines to choose from. Description of the gasoline with the same 1.6-liter mill displaces 1595cc. It is based on a valve configuration DOHC inline 4-cylinder 16-valve direct injection fuel supply. This mill can 120.7bhp 1250-4000 rpm at 5000rpm with 200Nm pump. Both systems are equipped with an advanced transmission 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch that distributes the output torque to the front wheels.

However, the diesel engine has received modifications that increase the performance of the global power and torque. It is the same 2.2-liter diesel, in the line which has a capacity of 2143cc displacement. The cylindrical configuration also remains the same with 4 cylinders and 16 valves, which is received by the fourth generation common rail fuel injection technology.

Braking And Handling

No updates since its braking mechanism system or suspension, as the changes are primarily cosmetic in connection. With respect to the suspension a front axle and a four-link McPherson and a plus to get a four-link suspension system, the vehicle will maintain a good balance.This luxury tourism also offers a competent management zipper and pinion base with full STEER CONTROL, the excellent support in situations of critical driving.

The front wheels are equipped with a number of internally ventilated and perforated brake discs, while the rears are coupled to conventional disc brakes. Its front wheels are equipped with a set of internally ventilated and perforated brake discs, while its rear is coupled with a conventional disc brake.